How Do You Find Instrumental Music Tracks?


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Search through databases such as the Free Music Archive or a college library like the Kent State University catalog for instrumental scores. These sites have options for searching based on subgenres of instrumental music or according to specific instruments and time periods. You can also listen to radio stations that focus on instrumental music to hear new pieces.

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College libraries and catalogs often have hundreds or thousands of pieces of music organized and available through searchable indexes, though you may need to be a registered student to access this information. When searching, use keywords like “instrumental,” “score” and “symphonic” to refer to music that does not have lyrics. When you find an instrumental music track you like, make note of the composer, and search for additional pieces he created.

Narrowing down a search field often makes it easier to use these types of databases effectively. For example, determine a subgenre or time period and then use that to search rather than using a vague or general search term. Knowing the name of a piece of music or composer makes it much easier to find that particular piece and others like it. Databases like the Free Music Archive let you search according to mood, duration and tempo, so the more specific your criteria, the easier it becomes to quickly find pieces that match your requirements.

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