How Do You Install and Set up Google Chromecast on a TV?


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Installing and setting up Google Chromecast on a TV includes plugging in the dongle, downloading the Chromecast utility and following the prompts. When ordered directly from Google, the Chromecast dongle is accompanied by a single-page instruction guide.

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How Do You Install and Set up Google Chromecast on a TV?
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The first step in setting up Chromecast on a TV is to plug the HDMI connector on the Chromecast into an HDMI port on the television. Next, attach the power supply. Plug the USB cable into the micro-USB port on the device, attach the other end to the power adapter, and plug it into an outlet. Change the television source to the corresponding HDMI port, and a Set Me Up screen appears.

The next step, installing the Chromecast utility, requires a computer running the Chrome browser. It is not compatible with other browsers. If not previously installed, download and install Chrome. Once Chrome is installed, download and install the Chromecast utility. Once installed, run the program. The utility immediately searches for the device.

Once detected, the installer automatically launches and displays the device's name on both the TV and PC screens; click Continue. A code is generated. If the code on the computer screen and the television match, click That's My Code to continue setup. Wi-Fi is disabled while device configuration occurs. Once it re-emerges, follow on-screen prompts to select a Wi-Fi network for Chromecast to use; re-entering the password may be necessary in this step. Once connected, the Ready To Cast screen appears.

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