What are some facts about the Inspector Gadget series?


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The TV show, "Inspector Gadget," was on air from 1983 to 1986, and its lead character was voiced by Don Adams, who was also well known for playing a detective on the TV show, "Get Smart." "Get Smart" was one of the inspirations for the show, and Don Adams used some of the catchphrases from "Get Smart" in "Inspector Gadget." Dr. Claw was voiced by the actor Don Francks, and the actor's daughter, Cree Summer, was the voice of Penny.

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The TV series told the story of Inspector Gadget, the bionic detective, and his niece Penny, as they worked to defeat various villains and the enemy, Dr. Claw. Inspector Gadget was known for his mishaps, with his niece Penny often being the person who led the inspector to success. Throughout the series, the inspector was unsuccessful in capturing Dr. Claw.

Dr. Claw's face was never shown on the series, though it was revealed several years after the end of the show in the form of an action figure. Also revealed in action cards released after the show aired was the inspector's back story, which stated that the inspector had slipped on a banana peel and fell down the stairs. This accident led to the addition of over 13,000 gadgets on the inspector's body. Some of the inspector's gadgets included pop-up roller skates, extensible arms and a helicopter hat.

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