What Are the Ingredients in Milk Paint?


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According to Milk Paint Recipe, the ingredients in milk paint include fresh lemon juice and skim milk. To prepare the paint, you also need a sieve, cheesecloth and dry pigment powder or artists’ acrylic paint.

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To make a quart of milk paint, pour the juice of a fresh lemon and a quart of skim milk in a large glass bowl. Leave the bowl out overnight so that the milk curdles. In the morning, pour the mixture through a sieve lined with cheesecloth to screen the curds out of the liquid. To tint the liquid with dry pigment powder, add powder and stir until the paint is the color you want. To tint the paint with acrylic, add the acrylic one drop at a time, stirring until the color is right. Although milk paint will smell sour for several days after it’s applied, it’s very stable and also allows for easy and environmentally-friendly clean up.

Usually, the color of milk paints has chalky tones when dry. Some recipes even call for hydrated lime instead of lemon to give the paint more body. Often milk paint is used to create specific decorative effects, and because it’s also inexpensive to make, creating custom colors and finishes becomes more affordable.

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