How Do You Find Information About Upcoming "Survivor" Seasons?

How Do You Find Information About Upcoming "Survivor" Seasons?

Find information about upcoming seasons of the television show "Survivor" online at Hover the mouse over the Shows heading on the top left of the home page, and then click the "Survivor" link located under the Primetime heading on the left of the drop-down menu.

As of August 2015, information about the upcoming season of "Survivor" is located under the "Survivor" Returns This Fall heading on the show's Web page. Information provided includes the show's premiere date and time. Click the link to watch a video introducing the cast.

Click Browse Photos under The Castaways of "Survivor Cambodia Second Chance" heading to see pictures of the new cast of "Survivor." Information included with cast photos includes the player's name, original season number and location played, current age, and hometown and state.

The CBS "Survivor" Web page also offers users access to show-related videos, including past "Survivor" episodes and episode recaps. Only registered users can watch full episodes of the show. The page has photo galleries and a link to purchase "Survivor" merchandise as well.

Information about the latest cast members is available by clicking the Cast link under the More heading at the top right of the show's page. Additional links under the More heading include About, Connect with Show, Winners List, News and Reality Remix.