What Information and Services Does TLC Africa Offer?


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TLC Africa is an online magazine offering a range of information and services covering news, book reviews, real estate listings, death listings, job opportunities and travel services to Liberia. TLC Africa has the explicit goal of connecting Liberians in Liberia with those living abroad.

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The TLC in TLC Africa stands for "The Liberian Connection." The range of information and services covered by TLC Africa are all directly connected to the life and culture of Liberians, wherever they may live. The magazine's book-review section covers both fiction and nonfiction works by Liberian authors. TLC Africa's death-listings section provides an overview of recently deceased Liberians and allows readers who are mourning their beloved ones to purchase a death announcement. The news section offers a comprehensive list of links to Liberian newspapers that can be read online.

The photos section features galleries of important Liberian events, both in Liberia and in Liberian communities abroad. TLC Africa's real estate section provides an overview of property that is currently for sale in Liberia, as well as allowing people who are selling real estate to place their own advertisements. The magazine also features a technology section that deals with recent developments in telecommunications and a travel section that offers a range of services for people who are interested in buying flight tickets to Liberia.

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