What information does the Nielsen Household Survey cover?


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The Nielsen Household Survey has participating families record personal family information, what type of programming subscriptions they have, and which household members are watching what programming and when. The survey also records which members of the household work and what any visitors watch when they come over.

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The basic household information is collected and entered into the Nielsen TV Diary. The survey asks for information on how many televisions are in the house and if they are connected to pay services such as cable or satellite providers. Specific information is also gathered regarding available programming including major network channels, local networks and premium pay channels. Household demographics, including the number of family members and their age, race and employment information is garnered as well.

The diary includes a daily log broken down in 15-minute increments for each 24-hour time period. Households record whether each TV is turned on or off every minute of the day. If a TV is on, the information is entered about what channel it is set to, what show is on the channel, and which members of the family or guests are watching it. Watchers also note when they are viewing prerecorded movies on DVD.

Nielsen families record this information for one week and then return the completed diary to the company for database entry.

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