What Information Is Included in the Book "10,000 Dreams Interpreted"?


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The book "10,000 Dreams Interpreted" by Gustavus Hindman Miller discusses a broad scope of subjects that a person might dream about and what those subjects mean to that person. The preface of the book details how well-known figures foretold many historical events in dreams.

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The book "10,000 Dreams Interpreted" takes a scientific and practical approach on the significance of dreams. The preface of the book also contains a question and answer section about what dreams are and their relationships to the people having them. Miller defines a dream as an event that happens in the mind when the objective senses are withdrawn into sleep or oblivion.

In addition to dream interpretations, the book contains information on how to develop the power of dreaming and different types of dreams. When learning to develop the power to dream, Miller instructs people to keep the mind clear and free from material concerns. He says that this is a practice that the subject needs to cultivate. Miller also states that a person who is completely relaxed in mind and body has the ability to be in the receptive mood necessary to have dreams that seem like reality or are true depictions of future events.

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