What Information Is on the Imron Marine Paint Color Chart?

What Information Is on the Imron Marine Paint Color Chart?

The paint chart gives a potential buyer helpful information about color, name and paint numbers prior to ordering. Imron marine paint is produced by the DuPont Corporation.

Decisions about marine paints are based on intended usage, such as topside paint, bottom paint or paints for a special purpose. The Imron line of paints are two-part polyurethanes that are best applied by a professional with a spray booth and a respirator. The paint can be toxic if inhaled in a non-ventilated space.

While Imron can be an expensive option, this paint line provides a hard finish that is long-lasting with superior resistance to abrasion. Touching up can be difficult if the paint is scratched.

Imron features an array of 60 colors from which to choose, ranging from whites and creams to the primary colors of blues, reds and yellows. Besides an image of the color, the Imron chart also provides the paint color name for handy reference.

Also included on the Imron marine paint chart below the image of the paint color are two numbers, one in black and the other in red. The black number - MI4010, for instance - is what DuPont calls the Imron 2K Topgloss. The red number is for the Imron Basecoat.