What Information Can You Divulge From the Medical Journals Database?


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Medical journals are a good source for factual information about medical conditions and the effectiveness of different methods of treating and preventing conditions. Journal databases, such as PubMed, allow users to search thousands of peer-reviewed journal articles that detail the methods and data the authors used to reach the conclusions presented in the articles.

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The critical scrutiny articles undergo before journals publish them ensures that accurate information reaches readers. Authors must submit articles to journals and undergo fact checking and peer reviews before the journals agree to publish the articles. Journals prioritize articles that provide new or clinically important information.

Most medical journal databases require a subscription to each journal to gain access to the full text of all the articles. Individual subscriptions are expensive, so universities and employers often purchase subscriptions and offer access to students and employees. PubMed allows anyone to search the database, but a user without a subscription to the different journals cannot access the full text of the articles, so can divulge very little information from the database.

With access to full articles, users can learn about medical studies, new medical technologies and cutting edge research in different medical fields. Some articles detail new and promising research and encourage other professionals to repeat the studies to verify the conclusions. Other articles are more theory-based and draw broad conclusions from multiple published studies.

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