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Br'er Fox is the antagonist in the traditional Br'er Rabbit folk tales popularized by Joel Chandler Harris. He is an anthropomorphized fox, the most prominent of several predators who want to capture and punish Br'er Rabbit. While Br'er Fox is smart and cunning, he is usually no match for the clever Br'er Rabbit.

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Br'er Rabbit folk tales were told throughout the slave cultures of the American South and have been traced to several African cultures and Cherokee Indian trickster stories. They feature the antagonist Br'er Fox and his henchman Br'er Bear working to trap the wily Br'er Rabbit. Despite being based on a predator known for eating rabbits, Br'er Fox does not seem interested in eating Br'er Rabbit, but rather wants to master him or get revenge on him. Often, this dynamic is interpreted as a slave-master relationship, with Br'er Fox as the slave owner and Br'er Rabbit as the wily slave who usually wins through wits and determination.

The Br'er Rabbit stories were adapted by Disney in its movie "Song of the South." Though the makers of the film attempted to create a story sympathetic to black Americans, the film has been accused of being racially insensitive. For this reason, "Song of the South" has never been released in the United States in a home video format.

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