How Do You Find Information on Artists?


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Find information on artists by looking them up on AllMusic, Discogs or Last.fm. These sites offer information about musicians’ biographies, influences, different releases and collaborators.

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How Do You Find Information on Artists?
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AllMusic is one of the most comprehensive music databases online, offering substantial information on most major artists. Browsing artist listings on AllMusic, users can read biographies, view discographies along with individual album reviews, and look up artists’ influences, followers and associated acts. While the site is exhaustive, AllMusic often lacks information on newer or more obscure artists.

Discogs is the site of choice for serious record collectors, offering encyclopedic knowledge on every known release in an artist’s catalog. The site offers biographical information for most artists, but the main draw of Discogs is its user-curated discography database, which attempts to detail and catalog releases large and small. Using Discogs, users can uncover rare albums they didn't know about or versions of albums they didn’t know existed. The site also attempts to keep track of all the bands with which artists have worked, so users can often discover obscure side projects and collaborations.

Last.fm is a social platform that lets users share music they are currently enjoying. It also offers information on all of its artists. Last.fm is particularly useful for learning about young or obscure artists who often update their own pages with information.

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