What Is Some Information About the Artist Who Sang "Corrine Corrina"?


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"Corrine Corrina" was first written and performed in 1928 by Bo Carter, an American blues musician. Carter was also a member of the Mississippi Sheiks, and became known later in life for bawdy, risqué songs.

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Bo Carter was born Armenter Chatmon on June 30, 1893 and died on Sept. 21, 1964. He was one of the most successful early blues musicians in the United States, and was one of the most dominant recording artists of the 1930s, both as a solo artist and with the Mississippi Sheiks. Carter recorded "Corrine Corrina" in 1928, which later became a hit for Big Joe Turner. Other artists and groups who have covered the song include Jerry Lee Lewis, Rod Stewart, Steppenwolf and Boz Scaggs.

Carter went partially blind in the 1930s, and gave fewer performances than in his early years as a result. By the 1940s, he moved to Memphis and worked outside of the music industry. He died at Shelby County Hospital in Memphis after a cerebral hemorrhage. Posthumously, Carter has been known for his bawdy songs, such as "Your Biscuits Are Big Enough for Me," "My Pencil Won't Write No More" and "Banana in Your Fruit Basket." Other songs of this type recorded by Carter include "Pin in Your Cushion," "Please Warm My Weiner" and "Let Me Roll Your Lemon."

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