What Influences the Value of Comic Books?


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There are many factors that influence the value and thus price of a comic book, including condition, rarity, marketability and sentiment. A comic book’s condition is graded on a universal scale from the highest grade, mint, to the lowest grade, poor.

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What Influences the Value of Comic Books?
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Mint condition means that the book is near perfect in every way; the cover is flat with no surface wear and the color is bright. The paper is supple and fresh while the corners are sharp. A mid-grade of fine means that the comic book shows minor wear but is still flat and clean with minimal creasing. A poor grade for comic book is because it is stained and missing staples or mildewed, even possibly with small chunks or pieces out of interior pages.

Rarity is also important when determining the value of a comic book. Rarity is defined as how unusual or difficult it would be to replace the specific comic book issue. Marketability concerns the demand for the book. The Internet as a marketplace for comic books has made it much easier to market a comic book to a vast pool of potential buyers. Classic covers, first appearances and noted artists all affect marketability, but marketability can change based on popularity of characters, collection demand and time.

Collectors are also influenced by sentiment, the intangible quality that comes from the love of the art form that links the collector to the comic book. Because of sentiment, a collector may desire a specific book more and be willing to pay more for it.

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