What Are Some Indian Musical Films?

Some Indian musical films include "Devdas," "Dil Chata Hai" and "Kabhie Khushi Kabhi Gham." Released in 2010, "Udaan" is another Indian musical that tells a story of personal struggle and redemption.

The 2001 comedic film "Dil Chata Hai" follows three college friends as they explore their varying philosophies on love. One by one, the friends find romantic partners. One of the friends falls for an unavailable friend, another falls for someone older and the third suffers a series of heartbreaks. Eventually the friends' stories and quests for love once again cross paths.

In the serious film "Devdas," the lead character falls for a woman from a lower social class. The man's mother forbids him to marry the woman he loves. The man responds by drinking and self-destructing. The 2002 film remade a 1956 Indian film of the same title.

"Udaan" centers around a boy, Rohan, whose family abandons him and sends him to a boarding school. When the school expels the boy, now a teenager, he must return home to his abusive father. The boy finds out that he has a half-sibling who his family never told him about. His father forces him to labor for long hours, but Rohan finds a way to manage his circumstances as he hangs on to his dream of becoming a writer.

"Kabhie Khushi Kabhi Gham" is the story of a wealthy father who disowns his adopted son. The son upset the father by marrying a woman from a lower caste. The son's younger brother undertakes a quest to reunite the father and son.