What Is Included in a TCM Now Playing Subscription?

As of 2015, Watch TCM subscriptions allow members to watch both the TCM East and West live feeds. Users gain access to on-demand films seven days after airing live on TCM and have the option to use the service online or on mobile devices. Watch TCM costs nothing but is available only to those who have access to TCM through their TV service providers.

TCM East broadcasts on Eastern Standard Time. TCM West broadcasts the same films three hours later to accommodate Pacific Standard Time users; it is only available to other time zones through a Watch TCM subscription. To become a Watch TCM member, users must log in using information from their TV service providers. TV providers that do not partner with TCM cannot gain access to Watch TCM.

On-demand movies permit viewers to fast forward and rewind content or to add movies to a watch list. Movies are available to watch within three hours after airing on the network. Some movie titles airing on the network might not be available on Watch TCM. The TCM network usually airs a movie more than once a year if it still has digital rights to play the film. TCM licenses movies from major studios to air on the network and Watch TCM.