What Is Included in The Gospel of Mary?


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The Gospel of Mary, or the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, which was written in the century after the canon gospels of the New Testament, contains the teaching that the material world, and by extension, the human body, is inherently evil and subject to eventual annihilation. The Gospel of Mary also claims that Mary Magdalene was given preferential treatment and special teachings from Jesus Christ.

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What Is Included in The Gospel of Mary?
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For example, when Mary Magdalene and the other disciples are grieving the death of Jesus in the Gospel of Mary, Peter requests that she recount some of the prophet's special teachings granted only to her. Instead, she describes a vision received from Christ that same day. In the vision, Christ told her about the journey of the soul after death, ascending and overcoming the seven powers of wrath. Andrew and Peter are suspicious of the authenticity of Mary's vision, however.

It is not possible to give a detailed description of the contents of the Gospel of Mary, since much of it has been lost. Of the nine original chapters, only fragments of the fourth and fifth chapters survive. In any case, the Gospel of Mary is generally accepted by academics as having been written by someone other than Mary Magdalene herself. Writers in the second century are known to have attributed their works to biblical figures often, as was the case of the Gospels of Thomas, Peter and Philip.

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