Why Is Imus Leaving Fox?


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In May 2015, Don Imus left Fox after deciding to spend more time in his newly purchased ranch in Texas. One knowledgeable source claimed Imus spoke with Fox Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes about leaving earlier in the year. Imus previously owned a ranch in New Mexico, located near a remote television studio. However, his new Texas ranch has no remote television studio located near it.

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With his TV show based in New York, Imus would be unable to work out any television arrangements. One reason Imus relocated to Texas is partly due to his respiratory problems. Imus also has a son with a growing rodeo career in Texas. When announcing the end of his television broadcast, Imus claimed more people listen to his radio show than watch television. Although Imus no longer has his television show, he continues to broadcast his radio show.

During the last broadcast of his TV show, Imus noted he signed a new contract with Cumulus to continue his radio career. The last show featured taped tributes to Imus and commentary from several Fox Business Network colleagues. His final guest was Neil Cavuto, and Imus ended the telecast by leaving early as he had done on previous broadcasts.

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