What Are Some Facts About "Impression Sunrise" by Claude Monet?


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"Impression, Sunrise" was painted by Claude Monet in 1872 and first displayed in 1874. It is considered the original painting of the Impressionist movement, which takes its name from the painting's title.

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The original title of the painting in French is "Impression, soleil levant." The dimensions are 18.9 inches by 24.8 inches, and it is painted on canvas with oil paints. The painting depicts the harbor of Le Havre in France as the sun is rising. The sun initially appears to be the brightest spot by far in the painting, but it is actually the same level of luminance as the sky. When the painting is desaturated, the sun is nearly invisible.

Impressionism as a school of painting traces its roots back to "Impression, Sunrise." The name of the movement was actually coined by critic Louis Leroy in a derisive review, but the title was embraced by those who adopted the style for their own.

The painting's first public display was at an independent art show. As of 2014, it is currently kept at the Musee Marmottan Monet in Paris in a room devoted entirely to Monet's works. It was stolen in 1985 but recovered in 1990 and returned to display in the museum in 1991.

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