How Do Important People Become Famous?


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People become famous through innate talents and achievements, through their actions and through less distinct factors, such as inherent wealth or connections to other famous people. Celebrity is typically characterized by media attention, public recognition and wealth.

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One of the most common ways to achieve fame is through playing music, acting or playing sports. Athletes and entertainers are among the best-known celebrities, and also some of the highest paid. These individuals typically achieve fame due to notable talents in specific fields, though other factors, such as luck, networking skills and physical appearance, may also play a role. Other celebrities, such as politicians, entrepreneurs and technological innovators, gain fame through their achievements.

Some famous people achieve fame through their actions, though this fame may not always be positive. Mass murders and serial killers can be said to possess fame, but they are generally not publicly respected. Others may gain fame for more positive actions, such as Good Samaritans who help strangers.

Other people gain fame for less discernible reasons. Celebrities such as Paris Hilton and the Kardashian sisters are often criticized as being “famous for being famous.” These celebrities lack any specific talents or achievements, and instead are famous due to inherited wealth and extravagant lifestyles. These celebrities often use their wealth to break into other fields, such as music, acting or modeling.

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