Why Does IHeartRadio Take so Long to Load?


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The iHeartRadio website takes longer to load when a high number of users are online to receive data. Internet strength plays a large roll in how quickly a particular station may load.

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iHeartRadio reaches a large number of people daily. The large amount of listeners on various applications simultaneously causes a lag. When the station receives a large amount of traffic, it begins to slow. The more listeners there are streaming music from various iHeartRadio stations, the more time it needs to buffer or load the content. The same process is true for similar high-traffic sites.

Another factor of slow loading is the strength of the Internet signal in use. Using mobile data heavily reduces the rates of data received, and this causes a longer buffering process. If users connect to the website or application with strong secured Internet signals, there are fewer issues loading their preferred stations. Mobile phones and devices tend to have lower Internet speeds as opposed to wireless routers.

Keep in mind that having a large number of devices connected to a single wireless source also causes slower speeds. Even when not in use, connected devices unnecessarily hinder speeds. This can affect the page loading speed without the user's knowledge.

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