How Do You Identify Myrtle and George Wilson?

George and Myrtle Wilson are the only named tenants of the place between the Eggs and Manhattan in the novel "The Great Gatsby." Their physical location indicates that they are of the lower class, living in a place known as the Valley of Ashes. The Valley of Ashes is a desolate place that represents the moral and social decay of America.

This married couple faces adversity from the start of the book due to Myrtle's newfound love of all things expensive, her affair and George's lack of ambition. Myrtle has an affair with rich Tom Buchanan, something her husband does not know. While he does figure out about her affair later in the novel, he never suspects Tom.

After Myrtle's affair is revealed to George, he decides that he and Myrtle are going to move West, which allows George to finally take control of his relationship and life. Myrtle, unsurprisingly, does not want to go. She runs after a car that she suspects Tom is driving, trying to get away from her husband, and gets killed.

With Myrtle's death comes George's revenge, seeking out the man he believes not only killed his wife but also was her lover. This man, Jay Gatsby, is shot and killed by Wilson. Because Wilson has nothing left to live for, he puts the gun to his own head, ending the Wilson family.