What Are Some Ideas for Writing a Poem for Your Grandson?


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Starting off the poem with the line "this is a poem for you" and adding the grandson's name after it, writing about the grandson's distinct characteristics, repeating the first line and coming up with another list of positive attributes are great ideas for writing a poem for a grandson. The last two parts of the poem may include the author's wishes for his grandson.

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What Are Some Ideas for Writing a Poem for Your Grandson?
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A wonderful poem to give to a grandson emphasizes his physical or personality traits in separate lines. It helps to divide the poem into several stanzas. The author may write three stanzas about his grandson's positive attributes and two stanzas about the author's hopes and aspirations for him. Breaking the final part into two stanzas slows down the poem for more emphasis to the ending.

It's not necessary to write a rhyming poem, but it's all right to include occasional random rhymes. Alliteration, which means repeating sounds at the start of words, is a good technique to enhance a poem. Proper punctuation is not crucial; the author may use punctuation as desired to clarify the meaning of certain parts of the poem. It helps to write lines of the same length for better flow.

After finishing the poem, the author should reread it, add any extra thoughts and polish the poem. Correct spacing is essential to make the poem easier to read.

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