What Are Some Ideas for Teaching About Different Genres of Literature?

Teach about the different genres in literature by having students write down the different aspects of each genre from a presentation. Another option is reading specific excerpts and having students define what genre the passage may belong to, and then breaking students into small groups and have them read a sample and decide on the genre through discussion within the group. The teacher may also do a PowerPoint presentation to make the elements of each genre more clear.

When presenting the characteristics of different genres to students, teachers should involve them in the discussion by asking the questions such as why it is useful to know which genre they are reading. Students should also be encouraged to look up the dictionary definitions of the words genre and literature, so that they have a solid basis to build their knowledge gained from the lesson.

When presenting students with sample texts, they should write two to three sentences listing the reasons that they believe makes a text belong to a certain genre. Ideally, they should be referring to their earlier notes from the presentation. Students could then do this exercise in smaller groups. Afterward, students could be asked to list works in different genres and describe what type of genre they like to read best and explain why.