What Are Some Ideas for Stage Designs?


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An option for stage design that is particularly appealing in a fashion show includes creating juxtaposition and contrast, as evidenced in a Jason Wu show. A stage designer can use black drapes and chairs that offer a stark disparity from a light-filled location, bare marble floors or elegant arches to make an environment that is intimate, classic and interesting.

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To craft a stage for a music festival, consider lining a three-dimensional DJ booth with highly reflective mirrored vinyl so that images are projected to the audience. Other ideas include designing a sculpture from one- and two-way mirrored acrylic plastic backed by reflecting material or extending the stage with arched columns of LED panels and lights; thus creating an illusion of depth.

Elements that are important to consider when designing a stage include focus, stage layout, lighting, timing and video. Stage design should be built around the desired focal point. If a presenter is telling a story, more than one area of focus might be preferred. Assess where performers can easily enter and exit the stage, and offer the performers a preliminary look at plans to gauge if the plan is feasible.

Depending on the desired ambiance, stage design can include how the presenter is revealed. If seeking a simple, inviting environment, create a stage with minimal distractions and a slow reveal of the performer; do this with a curtain dropping and dim or moving lights.

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