What are some ideas for hilarious skits?


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Odd couple pairings; spoofs of current advertisements, shows or movies; satirical takes on current events or politicians; and skits that incorporate slapstick physical humor are reliable comedic structures with which to craft a funny skit for video or a live crowd. Observing people and situations in daily life and then exaggerating them also helps inspire writers to create comedy.

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Laurel and Hardy, Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder, and the movie "Trading Places" with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd demonstrate the comedic possibilities of individuals with opposite personalities interacting. Dating scenarios, workplace environments and roommate arguments are common situations that elicit comedic gold.

"Saturday Night Live" offers an excellent example of comedic skits based on political satire. Rolling Stone called a first-season skit satirizing Nixon's last days in the White House one of the show's greatest skits of all time. Satirizing major political events and larger-than-life politicians in an intelligent way often yields hilarious results.

Some comedians have also jump-started their careers by implementing physical slapstick comedy in skits to create memorable characters. Jim Carrey's work on "In Living Color" is a successful example of this method, with recurring characters like Fire Marshal Bill and Vera de Milo. Taking a physical tic or talent and structuring a character around it can often make for funny and memorable skits.

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