What Are Some Humorous Birthday Poems?

What Are Some Humorous Birthday Poems?

Verses World offers this example of a humorous birthday poem: "You're known and respected, for your love of thrift. And so, to honor this, I have not got you a gift." Humorous birthday poems often poke fun at ideas like old age, overindulgence of alcohol and cake, and greed when receiving presents. The poem "Birthday Invasion" by Joanna Fuchs plays on the fact that not all birthdays are enjoyable.

"Birthday Invasion" starts out: "Here they come, with birthday cheer, bringing gifts just once a year, people you don't even like; You really wish they'd take a hike." It continues: "This should be a glad occasion, but it seems more like a SWAT invasion. Go away! Just take a break! Oh well, at least there's birthday cake."

For someone turning 21, this birthday greeting jokes about the increase in age: "Last year - twenty candles, that does not sound a lot. But that was not the whole cake - just on the slice I got."

Poems can also bring a smile by being relatable, such as, "Becoming old's an awful thing. It really breaks my heart. You get your head together, and your body falls apart"

A funny and appropriate poem for all ages is, "There is a world record that I think that you will break, some time in the next few years - It's candles on a cake."