How Does Huck Get to the Grangerfords?

huck-grangerfords Credit: don reid/CC-BY-2.0

Huckleberry Finn stumbles upon the Grangerfords' house after a steamboat wrecks the raft that he and Jim were using to navigate their way to the town of Cairo. Huck and Jim realize that they must have passed the city of Cairo in the fog during the previous night.

They begin to travel back up the Mississippi River in hopes of coming across the city of Cairo once again. As they are traveling up the river, the pair sees a steamboat coming toward their raft. Huck refuses to paddle the raft out of the way of the steamboat because he believes that the steamboat captain is playing a game. The steamboat captain yells at Huck to move, but before Huck can paddle out of the way, the steamboat destroys the raft and casts the pair into the river. Huck swims to shore, where he finds the house of the Grangerfords.