Are Any of the Hot Movies Available for Download?


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Hot, new movies are available for purchase and download through outlets such as the iTunes Store and Amazon.com. New movies are not typically available for free-of-charge downloading, but rather are viewable via paid streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Video, and through on-demand services provided by cable operators, such as Cox Cable. Some movies, when purchased on DVD or Blu-ray, also come with a digital copy, usually downloadable through iTunes or another retailer of the purchaser's choice.

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To download a movie from the iTunes Store, navigate to the iTunes Web page and download the iTunes app for phones, tablets and desktop computers, if it is not already installed on your device. From within the iTunes app, visit the iTunes Store's video section, denoted with a film strip icon at the top left of the screen, to choose a movie for download. As of January 2016, hot movies available included the James Bond film "Spectre," "Crimson Peak," "The Martian," "Straight Outta Compton" and "Sicario."

Amazon.com also offers movies for purchase and download through its Amazon Video service. To access these films, choose the Amazon Video link from the "Departments" list on the left side of the screen, and then click Rent or Buy.

Netflix and cable services' on-demand video options also feature newly released movies. On-demand services typically allow access to a film sooner than streaming services do, with charges for the viewing added to the consumer's monthly bill. On occasion, these services offer access to films still showing in first-run movie theaters.

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