What Is a Homunculus in "Ragnarok"?


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The homunculus is a pet in the Korean MMORPG "Ragnarok Online," which is based on a manhwa also called Ragnarok. The Korean Ragnarok takes influence from Norse mythology, but the homunculus is not Norse.

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Homunculi in "Ragnarok Online" are only available as pets to players in the Alchemist class who have completed the Bioethics Quest. Homunculi come in four visually distinct forms: Vanilmirth, Filir, Lif and Amistr. In different fictions, such as "Full Metal Alchemist," homunculi are linked with or created through alchemy. In "Ragnarok Online," players obtain a homunculus by an embryo and raising it. The word "homunculus" means "little man" in Latin.

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