What Holistic Health Issues Are Discussed in "The Edgar Cayce Remedies" by William A. McGarey?


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Some holistic health issues discussed in William A. McGarey's "The Edgar Cayce Remedies" are the use of special diets and herbs to overcome illness, healing massages and the role attitude plays in the process of healing. The book also details the preparation and use of Cayce's famous castor oil packs.

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"The Edgar Cayce Remedies" by William A. McGarey is one of the many books based on the teachings of American mystic and clairvoyant Edgar Cayce. This book discusses Cayce's holistic beliefs about health and illness and takes a metaphysical view of the body, claiming that its health is affected by experiences both in the past and present.

Edgar Cayce is known as the "father of holistic medicine" due to his extensive teachings on how to treat illness and maintain health. During the mid-1920s, he decided to devote his psychic abilities entirely to helping the distressed and sick.

Cayce endorsed using castor oil packs to treat such ailments as epilepsy, gallstones and other intestinal conditions, as well as improve circulation of the lymphatic system and the elimination of waste from the body. Castor oil packs are applied externally, with or without heat, to a specific part of the body .

William A. McGarey, a medical doctor who began using Cayce's teachings to treat patients at his Arizona clinic in the 1970s, has published several other books about the mystic, including "Edgar Cayce on Healing Foods for Mind, Body and Soul" and "Heal Arthritis Physically, Mentally & Spiritually: The Edgar Cayce Approach."

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