Who Is Hoda Kotb Dating?

Who Is Hoda Kotb Dating?

Hoda Kotb is dating Joel Schiffman, as of 2015. Schiffman is a New York City-based Wall Street financier, and he and Kotb celebrated two years of dating in August.

Kotb and Schiffman met at a public speaking engagement. Kotb delivered a speech at an unnamed Wall Street event and, afterward, signed a few autographs. Schiffman and Kotb were mutually attracted, and Kotb later conducted a discreet background check.

She then reached out to a contact from the speaking event, who subsequently emailed Schiffman. Schiffman emailed Kotb directly, the two went on a date and have been dating ever since. Schiffman is 56 and, like Kotb, is divorced. Schiffman and Kotb have kept their relationship private thus far, and when Kotb infrequently referred to him on live television in the past, she always called him by the nickname Boots.

The nickname remains popular with Kotb and fans of the "Today" show, which Kotb co-hosts with Kathie Lee Gifford. Kotb has hosted the fourth hour since 2007 and received a Daytime Emmy Award in 2010 as part of the "Today" show team. Kotb occasionally fills in for Savannah Gurthrie as a "Today" show co-anchor. Previously, Kotb was an intermittent correspondent for "Dateline NBC."

Kotb first appeared on television in 1986 as a news assistant for CBS News in Egypt.