What are some hit songs by the Statler Brothers?


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The Statler Brothers are famous for songs such as "Do You Know You Are My Sunshine?" and "Elizabeth." They have also performed "My Only Love" and "Too Much on My Heart."

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The Statler Brothers were a country music group founded in 1955. They became famous for performing with Johnny Cash, and they originally got their start performing gospel songs at their local churches. Before they became famous as the Statlers or the Statler Brothers, they called themselves the Four Start Quartet and the Kingsmen. When asked about their name, the band members said that they named themselves after a type of facial tissue they saw in a hotel room.

At the group's very start, Joe McDorman was their lead singer. The band began performing near their hometown, and in 1964, they became Johnny Cash's backing vocalists for eight and a half years. They wrote the song "We Got Paid by Cash" to commemorate this period of their band. As they began to expand musically, they left Cash's company on good terms in the 1970s to pursue their own musical path. Many of their hit songs have been in films and on mixed soundtracks, including "Pulp Fiction" and "Smokey and the Bandit 2."

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