What Is the History of the Newspaper "Koha Ditore"?

The newspaper "Koha Ditore," which translates to "Daily Times," was founded by Veton Surroi. From 1992 to 1994, Surroi had produced a weekly magazine called "Koha." Surroi and his sister Flaka made the magazine into the daily newspaper in 1997. Originally, Surroi himself was the newspaper's publisher, but since his political involvement began in the late 1990s, Flaka Surroi has become the paper's publisher. As of 2015, "Koha Ditore's" current editor in chief is Agron Bajrami.

Since Veton Surroi's political career began, "Koha Ditore" has frequently been criticized by both his domestic and international political opponents as being partial. In one particular instance in 2012, the American ambassador to Kosovo accused the paper of promoting Surroi's career and publishing favorable stories. Specifically, when Surroi was potentially going to be tapped as a presidential candidate in 2011, Ambassador Christopher Dell noted that "Koha Ditore" refrained from publishing its typical anti-government stories.

According to the Index Kosova Survey, "Koha Ditore" is one of the most read and respected daily newspapers in Kosovo as of 2015. It is favored by approximately 36 percent of readers. It is also considered to be the most trustworthy newspaper. "Koha Ditore's" language is Albanian, and it is distributed to nearly 11,000 Kosovars. Its headquarters is in Pristina, Kosovo, where there is a staff of about 37.