What Is the History of the "ATV Live at 5" Program?


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"ATV Live at 5" first broadcast in September 1982 under the name "The ATV Evening News: Live At 5." It became the first 90-minute news program on a local TV station in Canada and the first 5 p.m. news in the country. It brought the news magazine format to Canada.

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This show was Canada's highest-rated local television program for several years, and it still is the most-watched TV show in the Atlantic region as of 2015, ahead of any prime time program. The program celebrated its 20th birthday in 2002 with a province tour and a book about the history of the show called "Live at 5: The Story Behind its Success," which former co-host, Steven Murphy, wrote.

Only a month before its 30th birthday, on the first day of CTV's coverage of the 2012 Summer Olympics, the program's name changed to "CTV News at 5," which marks the first name change since it began. The program's style and content have not changed since the first airing; however, some of the show's regular features change to keep the program modern and lively. The show marked an evolution from its predecessors, "In-Depth" and "The Notebook," which the program's first host, the late Dave Wright, also hosted.

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