What Are Some Historically Famous Funny Car Commercials?

What Are Some Historically Famous Funny Car Commercials?

Some historically famous funny car commercials include Volkswagen's commercial "The Force" and "Synchronized Driving" by Isuzu. Another historically famous car commercial, "Anchorman 2," revives a well-known fictional character played by Will Ferrell.

In "The Force," a young child tries to make a Volkswagen car start by waving his arms and using the power of his mind. At the time the young child waves his hands, the child's father uses the Volkswagen's remote starter to lock the vehicle so that the vehicle's lights flash and the vehicle's horn sounds. The child reacts with surprise, believing he caused the car to react with the power of his mind.

Dodge credits its funny "Anchorman 2" ads with as much as a 40 percent increase in sales of its Durango brand, according to The Wrap. In the ads, Ferrell revives his Ron Burgundy character and talks about the Dodge Durango, mentioning everything from the voice-activated command system to how many packs of gum fit in the glove compartment.

In another Dodge Durango spot from 2004, two men talk about the length of their vehicles, comments which one of the men mistakes as sexual innuendos.

In 2010, a Kia Soul commercial featured life-sized dancing hamsters. In 2011, Kia advertised its new Optima by having a basketball player leap over an Optima to make a slam-dunk basket.