How Does a Hip Hop Nickname Generator Work?


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Most online hip hop name generators use random words, sometimes combined with elements of the user's name and usually customized for gender, to create a rapper name. Hip hop name generators are available at MyRapName.com, Rap.NameGeneratorFun.com, RapStarName.com and Flocabulary.com.

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The hip hop name generator at MyRapName.com takes the user's first name or initial and, optionally, their last initial and incorporates it into randomly generated hip-hop names such as "Funky Killah C" or "RG Blush." The nickname generator at Rap.NameGeneratorFun.com provides random names that are classified as either male, female or neutral. Although users may enter their own name, the name generated does not incorporate it in any way. The website RapStarName.com works the same way, although it does not provide an option for a neutral name.

Instead of creating a random name, the tool at Flocabulary.com provides a series of drop-down menus and a space for a name or initial. This provides more control over the final outcome to allow for the user's personal preferences. Many real-life rap stars choose stage names based on their own nickname or the name of a person they admire. The rapper Donald Glover claims that he chose his name, Childish Gambino, after typing his own name into an online rap name generator, although it is not known which one he used.

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