What Are Some Highly Valued Works of Art by H. Hargrove?

As of 2015, "Reaching Out," "The Ensemble," and "Cape May Harbour" are highly valued paintings by H. Hargrove, according to HHargrove.com. All of these paintings are popular amongst collectors of Hargrove's work.

"Reaching Out" is a monochrome painting with faint traces of color. It shows Lady Liberty crouching down on her right knee in a marble alcove. Her torch lays across her left knee, and she is reaching out with her right hand, palm up. A slight tear is falling from one of her eyes.

Hargrove painted "Reaching Out" after the terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001. People typically interpret Lady Liberty's act of reaching out as both an attempt to comfort Americans and a plea for help.