What Are Some Highly-Rated BBC Drama Series?


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Highly rated BBC drama series include "Sherlock", "Black Mirror" and "Luther," as stated by Paste magazine and BBC America. Most BBC shows are short series that run for a set number of episode or are considered specials, but these shows have been on the air for several seasons and though not all of them are still on the air, others are still going strong.

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BBC shows don't have the same kind of seasons that American shows do. Some shows only show three episodes a year, while others show more. "Black Mirror" is a low episode count show that deals with various hot topics like Twitter mob mentality, the Prime Minister and even hits Orwellian-like topics.

"Sherlock," which is popular in both the United States and the United Kingdom, is a re-imagination of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories. Most of the success of "Sherlock'' is given to Steven Moffat for his successful updating of the character and to Benedict Cumberbatch for making the character unique and reinventing him in terms of acting, notes BBC America.

In "Luther," actor Idris Elba plays Detective Chief Inspector Luther. The actor plays a near-genius murder detective who becomes a bit obsessive and almost violent once he becomes fixated on a suspect or a situation.

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