What Are Some Highlights of Survivor in Season 31?


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One of the biggest moves of Survivor season 31 was the blindside, orchestrated by Kass McQuillen, which sent home Woo Hwang in place of Spencer Bledsoe on episode six. This blindside was especially impactful due to the animosity between Kass and Spencer in Survivor season 28, which had led Kass' tribe to believe that she would want to vote Spencer off the island as early as possible.

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The "second chance" theme of Survivor season 31 has led to a particularly dynamic cast, as fans were able to vote for the cast members from a selection of players who failed to win Survivor on previous seasons. This made for a cast that included many players known for their fiery personalities, such as Abi-Maria Gomes, nicknamed the "Brazilian Dragon" for her explosive temper.

One highlight of Survivor season 31 was in episode four, when Abi was the deciding factor in whether to vote out Woo, against whom she had a personal vendetta, or Jeff Varner, one of Abi's closest friends, despite being a physical liability to the tribe. Her tribe grew secretly annoyed with her volatility and tendency to vote with her emotions, and they hoped that Abi would not vote out Woo based on vendetta. Tensions around camp were very high. Ultimately, Abi went against her nature and voted out Jeff.

Another highlight of season 31 was frequent shuffling of the tribes. By episode seven, there had already been two tribe swaps and a merge, requiring the players to adapt quickly to new environments filled with big personalities.

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