What Are Some of the Highlights in Season 3 of "Hart of Dixie"?

What Are Some of the Highlights in Season 3 of "Hart of Dixie"?

In the third season of "Hart of Dixie," Zoe returns to Bluebell after three months spent in New York, along with her new boyfriend Joel. Meanwhile, Lemon is ousted from the Belles, and rival town Filmore proposes a town merger.

After spending three months working at a New York emergency room, Zoe returns to Bluebell with her new boyfriend Joel. Joel struggles to adjust to life in Bluebell, echoing Zoe's culture shock from the first season. Meanwhile, Zoe finds Brick unwilling to accept her back into the medical practice as a full partner and is forced to work as an associate.

Lemon attempts to overthrow Crickett as head Belle. Her plan backfires, and she is ousted from the Belles and blacklisted from the Junior League Halloween Masquerade, forcing her to seek her grandmother's assistance to regain her position in Bluebell society. Grandma Bettie is desperate to see Lemon married and begins interfering in her love life.

Mayor Gainey of rival town Fillmore proposes a town merger between Fillmore and Bluebell. Lavon and George discover Gainey's true intention was to annex Bluebell into Fillmore, and they go to great lengths to stop the merger, including trying to have Bluebell listed as a historic town.

This season also introduces Don Todd's "Monster Golf Safari." The show within the show stars a professional golfer exploring courses at exotic locations and appears as a running gag throughout several episodes. The season ends with George and Lavon traveling to meet their hero Don Todd.