What Are Some of the Highlights From the Fifth Season of "Downton Abbey"?

What Are Some of the Highlights From the Fifth Season of "Downton Abbey"?

Highlights from the fifth season of "Downton Abbey" include the continuing storyline of Green's murder, impending engagements, revelations of love, announcements of a divorce and the spats, conflicts and reconciliations that ensue. PBS has aired "Downton Abbey" as part of the Masterpiece Classic anthology in the United States since January 2011, with the sixth season confirmed as being the last, as of 2015.

Other highlights from the fifth season include Miss Baxter revealing her past imprisonment to the Countess on Molesley's advice. Cora allows her to remain at Downton.

Robert and Cora celebrate their 34th wedding anniversary. Later, Robert discovers Mr. Bricker in Cora's bedroom and throws him out.

Lord Gillingham and Mary become secret lovers. She convinces Anna to obtain birth control and goes to Liverpool to meet him. Violet's butler sees them together and reports the sighting to a disapproving Violet. Lord Gillingham wants to marry her, but Mary has her doubts about him. She finally rejects, him but he refuses her decision. Charles Blake sets out to court Mary by reuniting Lord Gillingham with his ex-fiancee.

Thomas rescues Edith from a fire in her bedroom, and Mr. Drewe tells him stop visiting her daughter. Edith finds out Michael's body has been discovered. She inherits the publishing company, reclaims her daughter and leaves Downton.

Lord Merton asks for Isobel's hand in marriage. She is surprised and needs time to decide. Later, Lord Merton's sons treat her badly, offering her more hesitation in the marriage. She ultimately declines his proposal.

The police sergeant reveals there was a witness to Green's murder, and Anna's visit to Piccadilly raises suspicion by the police. Anna is arrested on suspicion of Green's murder and is later released on bail. Bates confesses to the murder and disappears.

Robert discovers Jimmy in bed with Lady Anstruther. Jimmy leaves Downton, leaving Molesley as the only footman.

There is a controversy whether the war memorial should be a cross or garden; it is decided to be a cross. It is unveiled along with a stone for Mrs. Patmore's nephew.

Atticus proposes to Rose and she accepts. They are married.

The season ends with Carson revealing to Mrs. Hughes that he has purchased the home. He proposes marriage to her delight, while Bates returns, surprising Anna.