What Are Some Highlights of Barry Gibb's Life?


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One highlight of Barry Gibb's life is his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997. As a member of the Bee Gees, Barry Gibb sold millions of records during a career that spanned more than three decades.

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A highlight of Barry Gibb's life is his string of number-one hits that included the song "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart." No other musical group before or since the Bee-Gees wrote as many consecutive number-one hits as of 2015. On one occasion, Barry Gibb and his group wrote three hit songs in one afternoon. A highlight of Gibb's life was when he and the Bee-Gees burst onto the English music scene with "New York Mining Disaster 1941."

Following a decline in popularity, Barry Gibb's stardom again surged when he displayed a new falsetto voice in "Jive Talkin." A highlight of Barry Gibb's life came in 1980 when he performed a duet with Barbara Streisand titled "Guilty." Gibb went on to sing with Dionne Warwick as well.

Another highlight of Barry Gibb's life is his 2014 tour. Gibb decided to perform a tour of the Bee Gees' greatest hits as a way to honor his late brothers. He called it the Mythology tour, and it started in Australia, because Barry has personal connections and a family history with the country. Gibb also traveled to the United States, Britain and Ireland.

Another highlight of Barry Gibb's life is his wife of 44 years, Linda. He also has children who work with him on his music and touring. Barry continues to write songs as of 2015. His success brought him material rewards, including a house on Miami's Millionaire's Row, complete with a basketball court, fountain and stone statues.

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