What Is HGTV's "Trash to Treasure" Show About?

What Is HGTV's "Trash to Treasure" Show About?

Home and Garden Television's "Trash to Treasure" was a regularly featured segment on the show "Decorating Cents." The segment featured Robb Whitleff teaching viewers how to redesign junk-picked home furnishings into beautiful, functional pieces.

Robb Whitleff is an American designer who has owned several home furnishing stores in Minnesota, including Sticks and Stones, Historic Studio and Great Estate Home & Garden. He regularly appeared on HGTV's "Decorating Cents" while the show aired for 400 episodes between 2002 and 2009.

"Decorating Cents" was hosted by Joan Steffend and featured guest designers on each episode. Each episode featured Steffend being presented with a drab, outdated room and being challenged to modernize it for $500 or less. The designers focused on rearranging furniture, adding inexpensive accessories and re-purposing trashed items as opposed to completely overhauling the spaces. The last part was often covered by Whitleff during a special video segment called "Trash to Treasures."

For example, one segment focused on the use of white paint to bring new life to old objects. Whitleff painted a glass candelabra, a chandelier and an old mirror with white paint to give them a contemporary look.

HGTV has several video clips of "Decorating Cents" and the "Trash to Treasure" segments on its website.