What Are Some of Hera's Accomplishments in Greek Mythology?

Hera's accomplishments included her marriage to Zeus, her asexual conception and delivery of a son, and her many imaginative punishments. She also assisted Jason and the Argonauts in their search for the golden fleece.

Her marriage to Zeus essentially made Hera the queen of gods, but she was not originally labeled as such within mythology. However, as the wife of the sovereign god, she was accorded the same respect as her husband. Despite the far superior power of Zeus, she was uniquely placed to influence him with her counsel and secrets.

Among Hera's personal shortcomings were her jealous nature and proclivity for conflict. When Zeus gave birth to Athena, for instance, Hera retaliated by asexually giving birth to Hephaistos. While this was certainly an accomplishment, Hephaistos was deemed too ugly to remain on Mount Olympus and was cast out, landing on Earth as a cripple.

Hera's vengeful nature also manifested in cruel but imaginative punishments, which were dealt out to any who wronged her. The two mortals Ixion and Tityos, for example, who had the audacity to try and seduce the goddess, were both bound for eternity — the former on a continuously spinning fiery wheel and the latter to a rock to have his liver pecked out by a daily visiting vulture.