What Is "When Heaven and Earth Changed Places"?


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"When Heaven and Earth Changed Places" is a book published in 1989. The book is written as a personal memoir by Le Ly Hayslip, with assistance from writer Jay Wurts. The memoir recounts Hayslip's youth in war-torn Vietnam, her escape to the United States and her eventual return to Vietnam.

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Hayslip's memoir includes her recollections of growing up in the village of Ka Ly, which was home to loyalists of both North and South Vietnam during the Vietnam War. Hayslip and some of her family members are early supporters of the Viet Cong, but after being raped and tortured by its soldiers, her opinion changes. She becomes close to some Americans in Saigon, and these encounters eventually lead her to the United States. The book tells of her return to Vietnam in 1986 to reunite with her family. The Oliver Stone film, "Heaven and Earth," was partly inspired by Hayslip's story.

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