How Does HBO PPV Boxing Work?


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To order HBO pay-per-view boxing, customers must purchase the event via their cable provider's website or by using the on-screen menus. The money from pay-per-view events is split between the network, cable providers, fight promoters and fighters.

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Customers do not have to subscribe to the network in order to order HBO (or other premium cable networks) boxing events. Pay-per-view events are also available to order by phone and by CableCARD, depending on the cable provider. HBO pay-per-view boxing events are then accessed once they go live and remain viewable after the fight has finished. Cable providers also offer purchasable HBO fights after they have aired.

Usually, 10 percent of the pay-per-view money goes to the distributor, and then HBO and the promoter share the remaining 90 percent, split evenly. The promoters then guarantee a certain amount of the money to the fighters just for fighting, and the winner of the fight takes home extra prize money as well. The guaranteed fighter money is almost never equal between the two fighters, with the more well-known boxer usually securing more guaranteed money than the opponent. The undercard fighters, who are the fight before the main event, are also usually guaranteed smaller amounts of money than either of the main fighters.

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