Who in "Harry Potter" Wrote "Hogwarts: A History"?


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In the Harry Potter universe, Bathilda Bagshot wrote "Hogwarts: A History," which is a comprehensive history of the wizarding school. Her authorship is confirmed by the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme parks and author J.K. Rowling's website Pottermore.

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Who in "Harry Potter" Wrote "Hogwarts: A History"?
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Confusion has arisen within Harry Potter fandom regarding the authorship of "Hogwarts: A History" because the "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" video game identifies the author as Chroniculus Punnet and the "Chamber of Secrets" movie shows a copy of the book as having been written by Professor Garius Tomkink. "Hogwarts: A History" is Hermione Granger's favorite book, which she quotes often to Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. Rowling has stated that she will never allow Potter or Weasley to read the book.

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