What Are Some of Harlan Coben's Books, Listed in Order?

What Are Some of Harlan Coben's Books, Listed in Order?

Harlan Coben's first three books are "Play Dead," "Miracle Cure" and "Deal Breaker." His next three books are "Drop Shot," "Fade Away" and "Back Spin."

In addition to those six books, Harlan Corben has written over 20 more novels. His three most recent novels are "The Stranger," "Found" and "Missing You."

"The Stranger" is about a happily married man named Adam. Everything seems good until a stranger whispers a secret to Adam about his wife. When Adam confronts her, his whole life turns upside down and he discovers that he is in the middle of a dark conspiracy.

"Found" is book three in the "Mickey Bolitar" series. In this installment, Mickey is searching for Ema's possibly nonexistent boyfriend and ends up helping his nemesis, Troy Taylor. Meanwhile, he and his friends are getting pulled deeper into certain mysteries and risking their lives. In the climax, Mickey discovers the truth about his father.

"Missing You" is about a New York Police Department Detective named Kat Donovan. She stumbles upon her ex-fiancé on an online dating site, while also stumbling upon a deadly conspiracy. Kat becomes engaged in a murder investigation that challenges her feelings toward everyone she has ever loved, family included.