What Hardships Have the Stars of "The Little Couple" Endured?


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The stars of the TLC reality show "The Little Couple" have endured several medical problems; Dr. Jen Arnold and her husband Bill Arnold both live with a skeletal disorder that causes dwarfism. Dr. Jen Arnold was diagnosed with stage three choriocarcinoma in 2013 after an unsuccessful pregnancy.

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Dr. Arnold underwent surgery to remove a mass in her uterus, but developed pneumonia following the procedure. Due to her size, doctors had a difficult time determining the correct dosage for her chemotherapy treatments. Bill Arnold has suffered from serious depression and dealt with physical ailments as well. In 2014, he underwent a risky back surgery.

Starting a family also proved to be a challenge for the couple. Potential risks to Jen's health influenced the couple's decision to use a surrogate. They soon learned that the surrogate was pregnant and began making plans to bring home the baby, but the surrogate later miscarried and subsequent attempts to implant embryos were unsuccessful.

The couple eventually adopted two children, which included its own hardships. They adopted their son, Will, from China and their daughter, Zoey, from India. Both of the children have a form of dwarfism and lengthy bureaucratic procedures significantly delayed the couple from bringing home their children.

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